Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Reefer Madness 

Much has been written elsewhere about the Supreme Court sticking their heads firmly up their asses on the Medical Marijuana issue -- because, of course, "states' rights" only matter to conservatives when the states are pushing rights that forward the conservative agenda. But I caught a sound bite on the news several times tonight that made me just sit up and scream. It was courtesy of John Walters, Drug Czar, who gave the bland but predictable argument -- "You don't hear about medical crack or medical heroin, do you?"

I paraphrase, because I can't find an exact quote online, but his argument is totally asinine for several reasons. First off -- of course you don't hear of medical crack, because they haven't found a medical use for that yet. The reason you do hear of medical marijuana is because it has been field tested for years, and actually does have a medical use. (Follow that link; yes, there are patients who are receiving medical marijuana thanks to federal caveat). And, in place of "medical heroin", might I say, "medical morphine?" Heroin is just the bastard stepchild of morphine. And ask any eye-ear-nose-throat guy about the uses of medical cocaine -- which is and has been legit for decades. A secret the government doesn't want you to know; they've been providing medical grade, 99.99% pure medicinal coke to the profession for years. It's a topical analgesic and anesthetic. If you ever need to get your nose broken for surgery, chances are they'll stuff a buttload worth of coke up your nostrils first.

The simple truth is this: the Supreme Court bitched out on their usual conservative bent of States' Rights Rule All in order to stop people from smoking pot. And, in making their ruling, they did not stike down California's medical marijuana law. So we have a bizarre double standard at work here -- California's medical marijuana law stands, but the federal government can interfere with its enforcement.

Hm. Sounds like grounds for secession to me. It's high time, pun intended, that California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii tell the other forty-six states to go get fucked, and form their own country. Why not? We could control the west coast, and, combined, would have an economy to rival many other nations.

After all, it was a states' rights issue that led to the first Civil War. And, in comparing the needs of medical marijuana patients to the decree of the Supreme Court, I can't think of a single reason to follow those asshats in robes.

Fucking activist judges.

But, meantime, it's perfectly fine for the pharmaceutical companies to market drugs that have nasty side-effects, to create diseases that don't really exist in order to sell their artificial drugs, to bribe Congress to make sure that a simple organic product that can be grown by anyone remains illegal entirely because of fear, prejudice and stupidity.

Sigh. Maybe, if the SCOTUS just went out and got stoned together, they wouldn't come up with stupid rulings like this one.

But don't hold your breath.

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