Friday, June 17, 2005

Why Local News Sucks 

Well, if you lived in California today, watching the local news, you'd think that three things happened: a) Nasty high speed chase. b) Nasty high speed chase with kids involved. c) Earthquake.

Or, maybe, reverse the order of those points. And it's just pathetic. We have a pissant little shaker, not even a five as it turns out, and local news dedicates six hours to it, with the obligatory "It was a real jolt" commentary from the local goober squad, capped off by the in the field reporters pissing off the CalTech Lesbians with really stupid questions.

And, in the charivari - what is lost? The Real Story, the Downing Street Memo comes home to roost. John Conyers and company nailed their petition to the door of the White House, throwing down the gauntlet, but I'll bet you didn't hear about that.

Of course you didn't. Because it didn't involve missing white women or earthquakes. Which is total bullshit.

Bill Clinton lied about a blowjob and got impeached.

George Bush lied to start a war. And...?

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