Friday, July 01, 2005


Thanks to Digby for this reminder of an event I'd forgotten, during election night fiasco 2000:
Sitting in her hostess's den, staring at a small black-and-white television set, she visibly started when CBS anchor Dan Rather called Florida for Al Gore. "This is terrible," she exclaimed. She explained to another partygoer that Gore's reported victory in Florida meant that the election was "over," since Gore had already carried two other swing states, Michigan and Illinois.
And then, of course, she proceeded to vote with four other justices to steal the election from the people and appoint W president. And then hope we'd all forget it nearly five years later. And I nearly did, but thanks to all those blogs online magazines out there, was just reminded.

Even more reason that we need to fight fight fight to keep W from appointing a wingnut to the high Court. Refer to Hullabaloo; Digby gives us the list of fourteen Senators, seven Republican and seven Democrat, whom we need to hound in the case of a hard-right loon being appointed.

Sorry, not in the case of -- when it happens, when W comes back from Europe on July 8th.

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