Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let the Civil War Begin 

UPDATE: As we now know, Roberts is Bush's nominee. But I wonder now -- has the Administration stacked the deck with a tainted candidate? Face it, the man has only been a judge for two years. I'd hardly call that a glowing recommendation for the highest court in the land, no matter how many cases he's argued before that court. But... what if Roberts has some skeleton in the closet that will magically be leaked to a reporter at a crucial time when the heat on Rove is getting to be too much? What if Roberts is just a sacrificial lamb? I'd say the odds are even money that this will happen, and provide the media feeding frenzy necessary to make Rove fade from the headlines. Or so certain parties would hope. Like I've said before, Rove knows he's fucked, so he'll use every dirty trick in his repetoire to save his sorry ass.

If Drudgereport CNN and ABC News are to be believed (we'll know in about ten minutes officially), Bush has nominated this man, John Roberts, to the Supreme Court. From information available, Roberts is an anti-choice, anti-environment, anti civil-rights, pro big business, religion in schools wingnut.

This cannot stand and cannot pass. And, as I predicted earlier, the early morning rumor that Edith Clement was going to be the nominee was just a distraction, probably a planted lie so that the press and blogosphere wouldn't have the whole day to gather up anti-Roberts ammo.

Of course, this could also be a double-dodge and at six p.m., Bush will announce that his real nominee is Fred Phelps or Ralph Reed. But I doubt it. This seems like just the kind of stupid nomination Bush would make.

We must fight this. If the Senate must filibuster, so be it. But we need all the dirt, all the info, all the weapons we can muster against this nomination.

And, at the same time, we cannot lose sight of Rovegate. Ideally, the Democrats will be able to link the two, use the (inevitable) media frenzy over Roberts to keep Rove on the front burner, perhaps dupe Roberts into opining on that matter in public, and then use Rove's crash and burn to bring them both (bring them all) down.

There are so many reasons to despise this nominee -- whether you're a woman, an ethnic minority, pro freedom of/from religion or, no doubt, gay or lesbian. There are no reasons to support it, and many to oppose.

I wonder how Smirky is going to try to justify this choice, and how many times the phrase "no litmus test" will slip past his lying lips during his speech. And -- will he be as adamant about Supreme Court Justices not "legislating from the bench" when Roberts tries to do just that to overturn Roe v. Wade, force religion on schools, eliminate environmental protection, etc., etc.

Yes, Smirky McWingnut is just continuing his tradition of making not one decision that has been any good for this country at all. Time to impeach the motherfuckers, all of them, now.

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