Thursday, July 14, 2005

Spinning in the Wind... 

Talk about a press conference that just sets the bullshit meter on high... thanks to Capitol Hill Blue, an amazing transcript of Scottie McClellan trying to fend off reporters.

And it's nice to see the Washington Press Corpse finally do their job. They hop on the Rove question and don't let go. Of course, the whole reason they're so fervent in this matter is because Scottie lied to them originally, and they don't like that. And they let him twist slowly in the wind, claiming he can't comment on "an ongoing investigation", when he was perfectly happy to comment on the situation before Matthew Cooper spilled his guts and Judith Miller went to prison.

I sense the smell of Karl Rove going down. I only hope he brings John Bolton, Dick Cheney and W. with him.

And I encourage the press corps to keep questioning, to not let Little Scottie off the hook. Keep on hammering, and maybe we'll knock the truth out of the bullshit.

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