Monday, August 08, 2005

Fame Whores... 

Ah, yes. So now three of the Jackson jurors are trotting their asses out before the press saying they should have voted guilty. Well, I can only put it in two words. Tough shit. If you thought he was guilty, you should have held out in the jury room. If you thought you were being pressured by the other jurors to change your verdict, I'm sure the judge explained it to you -- it was your duty to report your concerns to the bailiff, so that the judge could call the entire jury back en camera and figure out what was going on.

But... you made your vote, you lie in it. If you were so damn convinced, if you were so damn sure, when you were sitting in that jury room, then it was your holy duty to hold out, no matter what. And who knows. Maybe you did knowingly let a child molestor go. But, at this point, that's your bad, because, thanks to your vote in the jury room and the laws of the land, Michael Jackson can never ever be tried on these same charges ever, ever again. It's that pesky concept called "Double Jeopardy." So... look at it this way, flip-flop jurors: thanks to you, Michael's gotta get his hands on more twelve year-old boy-poon before there's any hope of nailing him for what you say he was guilty of, all 'cause you didn't have the balls to insist he was guilty of it before. Guess that means that the next molested boy is all your fault...

(I can only imagine what twisted search engine hits that "twelve year-old boy-poon" is going to bring my way... but I do digress.)

Short version of the story. If you thought he was guilty then and changed your vote, shame on you. Bitching about it now isn't going to change your verdict. But there are still nine jurors (and two alternates) who haven't spoken up on guilt. All of which makes me think this: you're nothing but fame whores, who want to choke some money out of this story before it goes away. And what better way than to say, "Well, gosh, I would have voted guilty, but those other people were just so intimidating."

All of which reminds me of this old canard: When you go before a jury, you're screwed, because you're being judged by people too stupid to get out of jury duty. Or, in this case, people too stupid to understand what their duty was as jurors. Or maybe they just wanted to go home. In either case, to the three of you: get fucked. I hope you get no book deals, no more attention, nothing but the approbation you deserve.

Again: if you knew he was guilty and voted "Not," then you sold out your conscience for a little convenience, and you're useless whores. If you didn't think he was guilty, but want some money now, then you're still useless whores. Shut up now. Your fifteen minutes of fame ended when your Not Guilty Verdicts were announced. Go away.

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