Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fundamentalism Sucks 

Ah, so W and company brought Democracy to Iraq, eh? Except that the new government wants to follow Muslim law. Meaning that things like this will happen:
The Malaysian government has ordered police to randomly check mobile phones for pornographic images.

The move follows reports by a local newspaper that young people were swapping sex videos and images on their mobile phones.
Oh, the shock. Oh, the horror. Young people, interested in sex and dirty pictures. Because, well, there's nothing worse in the world.

There's your new Iraqi Government, folks. The "noble cause" we fought for -- so a bunch of Imams can whip or execute people who enjoy being... well, people. So they can stone to death a woman for... um... just about anything; showing her face in public, getting an education, getting raped. So they can hang two unrelated males who are seen naked together -- never mind that they were just showering at the gym. Oh, yeah, right. No gyms. That's decadent western interest in health and the body. No phone porn, no free thought, no fun...

And this is Democracy... how?

Anyone who thinks Cindy Sheehan is the enemy is a complete and total idiot. When the new Iraqi Constitution is drafted, and Baghdad moves ten steps closer to their old enemy Iran because of it, will the Freepi who chant "Support the President unless he's Clinton" please shut up?

Or, better yet, will they fucking enlist and go fight, with no excuses? It's easy. Here's the enlistment form. Fill it out if you support this war, go put your ass where your mouth is. No excuses are allowed, unless you're gay, in which case you really shouldn't be a Republican. Too old for the military? Try the National Guard. Too old for that? Then you're probably old enough to remember the last quagmire, and why it sucked so much.

The ultimate irony in this whole mess, of course, is this -- hoards of liberals love and support our soldiers. This time around, we've learned that they're just victims. We want every single one of them brought home safely, now. And, to us, supporting the troops means wanting to protect them from dying for lies and bullshit.

Like the lie that we've brought Democracy to Iraq. Bullshit.

Like the lie that Saddam had WMD. Bullshit.

Like the lie that invading Iraq had anything to do with combating terrorism. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Or, to clean it up for broadcast... BU**SH**.

Hm. Funny how that works, isn't it?

It's a simple choice, people. Impeachment now, or Civil War. They threw Nixon out for far less, they impeached Clinton for far, far less. (And Andrew Johnson for far, far, far less). If you love this country, there's only one choice you can make to save it. Time to clean (white) house. Time to kick the bastards to the curb. Time to bring democracy back to America.


Contact your elected officials and demand that they do the right thing. Tell them to grow some balls, if they want to be re-elected. Tell them that we won't take it any more, and the only way to save America is to get rid of the Fourth Reich that's taken control.

Arbeit macht frei?


Anklage macht frei!

Ja, ja, ja...

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