Friday, August 12, 2005

Scary Brown Men!!! 

The latest round in the scary ooga-booga... three men in Santa Monica caused local residents to piss themselves, because they were filming local landmarks. Quoth the local media:
All three men were of Middle Eastern descent, NBC4 reported. The men's nationalities had nothing to do with the investigation, police said.
Um, their nationalities had nothing to do with it? Oh, bullshit. I could trot my white ass on down there and videotape for days, and no one would say a thing. And what's more irksome is that Santa Monica is the liberal enclave of liberal Los Angeles, the community that was dubbed The People's Republic of Santa Monica in the 90s because they supported rent control and let the homeless live there.

The tagline on the news for this story has been along the lines of, "Why were these men filming Santa Monica?" To which my response is, "I dunno. Maybe they're fucking tourists?" And, honestly, anyone who knows LA knows this: most Angelenos only go to Santa Monica reluctantly, because it's such a schlep through nasty traffic, down the clogged 405 and out the messy 10. The only people hanging around the pier are tourists or locals. The last time I went there was six years ago, and it was only because a good friend of mine had a play running at a local theatre, and the curtain time was 10 p.m., one of the few times when traffic doesn't suck (as much) heading to the west side.

Anyway, I think this whole thing is a non-story, along the lines of Bush's "if you see someone getting into a crop duster you know isn't theirs" bullshit. Better that we keep our eyes on the upcoming nuclear attack drill this August in South Carolina. Because the only terrorists we really have to worry about in this country are homegrown. The other terrorists, the ones in the middle east, are too stuck in a third world economy to make it to our shores -- despite all the ooga-booga factor your local news media would like to serve you.

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