Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Told You So... 

A lot of people took issue with my previous post about Jean Charles De Menezes, the Brazilian electrician who was murdered by police on a train in London.

Well, someone leaked results of the internal investigation, and it's worse than that.
The documents and photographs confirm that Jean Charles was not carrying any bags, and was wearing a denim jacket, not a bulky winter coat, as had previously been claimed.

He was behaving normally, and did not vault the barriers, even stopping to pick up a free newspaper. ...

A member of the surveillance team is quoted in the report...."I then pushed him back on to the seat where he had been previously sitting. I then heard a gun shot very close to my left ear and was dragged away onto the floor of the carriage."
So, to everyone who had a problem with me describing De Menezes's death as murder, it's looking even more like he was killed merely for being ethnic. The member of the team quoted above had him restrained when someone else shot him. In fact, that man was the person people saw pinned to the floor.

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