Monday, August 15, 2005

Trying Not to Be Paranoid, But... 

As I've mentioned here before, there are mutterings in the blogosphere that something is afoot; in short, another terrorist "attack" that just so happens to take place during a drill mimicking said attack.

The military exercise which postulates a nuclear bomb smuggled into Charleston, SC, begins on August 17th, two days from now, and runs through Saturday. And I hope against hope that nothing happens during that time; this is all the paranoid fantasy of someone else with too much time on their hands; that this sort of thing could never happen.

And yet... and yet... there are other little pieces falling into place, as is deliniated at Intangible Stuff. To wit:
1) A Four-star military General is suddenly fired, being only three months from his planned retirement, and for a cause as dubious as “sexual misconduct” while already in divorce proceedings with his former spouse.

2) Near said General’s base, is planned a “Nuclear Terror Drill” where some bizzare scenario has been concocted to describe the smuggling and detonation of a Nuclear device on American soil

3) Said General apparently has big issues with the current administration and it has been speculated that he may be part of a coup attempt against said administration

4) Our dear leader has taken no heed of his approval ratings, put forth no initiatives, has turned a blind eye to the concerns of his constituents, is currently mired in scandal, and is beginning to be exposed as the liar that he is. Yet he takes a vacation (as he did in August of 2001) while a crumbling economy and infrastructure ensues and international tensions are at a level not seen since World War II.

5) The Pentagon draws up grandiose plans for an Iranian invasion utilizing Tactical Nuclear weapons and as well, draws up plans for armed conflict and the adoption of Martial Law on our very soil. On top of this, the Pentagon will suspend all leave for soldiers after Sept. 7th and already plans on “lightly lifting” this restriction some time in December with the condition that all troops stay “within 17km of base” (not to mention the rebuilding of the nation’s Draft boards)
The firing of General Byrnes always seemed particularly weird to me, especially since he was slated to retire in September. As I've seen pointed out in online forums by military types, normally a Four Star General that was being gotten rid of would not have become news, and in ordinary circumstances, he would have been allowed to silently retire. In any case, heterosexual adultery with someone not in one's command is rarely if ever a reason to dump a general, much less a Four Star General. At the moment, that's the highest rank there is. According to Air America Radio, we don't have any five star generals right now. I'm going to be intentionally too lazy to verify that, but even if there are five stars, firing a four star general is bizarre.

Unless, of course, people with authority over the man know that he's going to try to toss a wrench into the works.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I just want to go on record saying this, so that it's out there in the world before the fact, and people can be vigilant and watch what's really going on if something happens. If "terrorists" smuggle a nuke onto these shores between Wednesday and Saturday, and the administration is soon thereafter blaming Iran, it's time to call "bullshit", begin the impeachment proceedings of the entire lot, apologize to the world, and withdraw ourselves into self-imposed isolationism for the next decade at least. And this counts whether there's an explosion or not. The FBI suddenly trumpeting a thwarted attempt would serve the purpose just as well.

BTW, I'm guessing August 18th, just because it's fodder to make conspiracy theorists look even more lunatic. 9+1+1 = 11; 7+7 = 14; 8+1+8 = 17. Increments of 3. Although there are probably fifty ways you could manipulate the numbers and think you came up with something interesting. (Calling all Kabbalists...)

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