Friday, September 02, 2005

Big Mistake in the Big Easy 

Troops sent to New Orleans to "shoot to kill."

And, when that first bullet flies, when the first corpse hits the ground, we'll see a revolt we haven't seen in this country since the Boston Tea Party, or the days of Bleeding Kansas. When the first American guardsman kills the first American refugee, the bloodshed in the streets of New Orleans will make any riot, any revolt, any battle fought on these shores look like nothing.

It's a matter of numbers. Still something like 30,000 homeless in the Big Easy, with nothing to lose. No food, no water, no nothing, since Sunday night or before.

When the first shot is fired, it'll be the last, mark my words. It'll make the first Battle of New Orleans look like nothing.

300 troops have arrived, apparently, back from Iraq. The governor of Louisiana trumpets those numbers, but she's mistaken. If such a paltry force tries to take action against the lost -- god help them.

Armageddon has started in the South. Friday, September 2nd, will mark the opening salvo.

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