Monday, September 12, 2005

Fucked Up. Big Time 

So, apparently, they had some sort of plan to deal with natural disasters, post 9/11. Trouble was, nobody followed the script. Or maybe they did, and what our government never told us was that they wouldn't help non-white people.

Bastards. Apparently, the rich folks are going home even as the poor are still being treated like criminals, and kept from crossing the bridge to safety.

Remember this: the immediate victims of 9/11 were mostly upper-class white collar workers.

Remember this: the immediate victims of the hurricanes that hit Florida were rich old farts, mostly white or Jewish.

Remember this: the immediate victims of Katrina were mostly poor black folk, or the old, or handicaped.

Now, among those above groups, who got screwed, big time? Who were ignored? Not the victims of 9/11. Not the victims of the Florida hurricanes.

Nope. The victims of Katrina.

In the Gulf States, the rich bastards are already getting an escort back home. The rest... nothing.


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