Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I Von't Be Baaaack 

How clueless is Ahnold, really? Does he not get that appearing in his own commercials for the special election upcoming is a really bad idea? Does he not understand that anything he says is going to be taken in extreme opposite by the electorate? Or is he just suffering Republican Disease? That is, the belief that everything is wonderful, W is god, and I cannot lose?

'Cause here's the perspective from the streets for him. The people of California have wised up to their mass fuck-up of electing Mr. Empty Suit in the first place, and anything he touches is poison. If he says vote Yes, we'll vote No. If he endorses a candidate, that candidate's career is over. And what does he do? Goes on-air with a commercial blaming teachers, unions and "Sakreeeeminto" for all our problems. Know what, Ahnold? That's a just about total guarantee that the teachers, unions and non-executive elected officials are going to win big, and you're going to get your balls handed to you.

Jeeeeebus. Can't he afford better advice? Or doesn't he listen? Because, given the Governator's recent polls, he could endorse a ballot measure that would ban all discrimination based on race, gender or sexuality, and it would fail, in this bluest of blue states, only because he put his stinky imprimatur on it.

Two words, AhNOld. "It's over." Your little game of playing governor has gone bad, like many of your films. You're not going to pull it out of your ass in Act III. Or haven't you paid attention? 'Cause that's the reel where the bad guys bite it, and in this rendition, you've been cast in the role of "Evil, Stupid Bureaucrat." You may think you're in a Frank Capra film. Fine. But you're no Jimmy Stewart. You're Lionel Barrymore or Claude Rains. Except without the acting talent. And you're about to have reality shoved right up your overly made-up face, your ass handed to you, your agenda shot down. The movie you're cast in is not "The Terminator." It's "Clueless," and you're the star.

So, word to the wise -- or the stupid, as the case may be. Stop endorsing anything, because all you can give now is the kiss of death.

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