Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shorter Bush Speech 

Same bullshit, different day. Phrases like "bold action", when undefined, mean nothing. Promising cheap housing to returning refugees is empty when the rebuilding contracts have gone, no-bid, to Halliburton subsidiaries. And giving a speech in an empty field in a deserted city to an audience of no one but a camera and TelePrompTer is the act of a raving coward.

I think they may have shot some Botox™ into his mouth, too. The smirk is almost -- almost but not quite -- not there.

But... more than anything, tonight's speech just shows how damn far out of his depth Bush is. If he had any balls or leadership ability, this would have been a press conference, not a photo op with a pretty (apparently undamaged) building in the background. If he weren't still kissing the asses of the American Taliban Religious Right, he wouldn't have even thought of having donations via a government agency go to faith-based organizations (read: fundie Christian churches). If he really meant what he said about fixing the racial inequalities of New Orleans, he wouldn't have waited until all the scary black people were out of town.

Or, in other words, same bullshit. Different day.

Can't wait to see the poll responses to this exercise in crap. God, what a dick...

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