Friday, September 02, 2005

Something to Answer For 

Simply put, this administration has got an awful, awful lot of explaining to do. New Orleans is a mess. There are thousands dead, tens of thousands of refugees not yet evacuated, atrocities big and small happening as people who have had neither food nor water for five days try to evacuate.

And the president still hasn't been there, and the head of FEMA is too busy holding press conferences to actually get briefed with the truth -- all the while, playing the "blame the victims" game.

Face it, people. BushCo has utterly, totally, absolutely failed the people of America. First, by ignoring reports that a hurricane in New Orleans was one of three foreseeable disaster likely to strike America in the near future -- along with another terrorist attack on New York and an earthquake in San Francisco. What did they do to prepare for and prevent it? Nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing. What have they done in the aftermath? Barely anything. It's Friday, and maybe Bush will actually show up in New Orleans today, although nobody knows whether he'll actually get out of his damn airplane or helicopter. But, if there's any justice in the world, he'll get dragged into the mud and muck by the survivors, and told what for, and finally be forced to face the shit he's made out of America since taking power.

In short, the responsibility for New Orleans rests in one place -- George W's alcohol-addicted, shaking hands. And it's time that he take responsibility, or be faced with the consequences. It's time that his smirking, lying, mountain-biking, denying ass be hauled before Congress.

Indict. Impeach. Imprison.

We've lost an entire city, a rather famous one, because of W's inability to govern. Babies and seniors are dying in the street because of the inability of his administration to do anything competently. It is time for them to go. Period. Despite all his platitudes about homeland security, he has failed to keep us secure, when the solution was written about long ago -- and left unfunded, intentionally, by Bush.

In short, BushCo has allowed to happen an act of nature far more devastating than anything any terrorist could conceive. They have allowed this through negligence. It is time for them to pay for that inaction.

Clinton lied about a blowjob. By no stretch of anyone's imagination, not even Rush Limbaugh's, is that one ten-thousandth as bad as one tenth of the sins committed by the current administration.

And pay, they will. I have friends who have been die-hard, red state, rah-rah, "Don't question the president" Republicans -- until now. Faced with the hard, cold, wet facts of what's going on in New Orleans, they are finally waking up. They're starting to say, "Maybe we were wrong." Faced with gas way over three dollars a gallon, they're starting to say, "Maybe he's wrong."

Faced with reality -- unlike the president, who doesn't know the meaning of the word -- the Republican base is dissolving, drifting off like so many homes, so many buildings, so many pieces of the Big Easy.

Nature has done us a favor, despite the cost. She has shown us the weakness of our leaders. It's time to listen to the planet, and do what's right. It's time to clean house, before it's too late.

It is time for this entire Administration to be kicked into the dustbin of history, reduced to a sad footnote for future generations to study, and ask themselves, "How the hell could people have been so damn stupid for so damn long?"

If Clinton could be impeached for Monica, Bush should be imprisoned for Katrina...

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