Saturday, September 10, 2005

This Is "Less Government" in Action 

To any Republican (or Libertarian, a party I used to belong to but since have abandoned as being, in reality, more selfish than logical), I ask you this question: have you learned the lesson of Katrina, which is that, sometimes, big government is a good idea? Sometimes, the federal government can do things that state and local government cannot. Sometimes, the federal government must do things, immediately, that no one else can do.

And they do that with our tax money, which is what our tax money is for -- the public good, and human welfare for all citizens.

Which is another reason Katrina is such a debacle and should be such a shame to all Republicans and Libertarians -- because our tax money, which should have been in place to save New Orleans before it was destroyed, wasn't there, because certain people spent it already for a war, based on lies, in Iraq.

Sometimes, the Federal Government must intervene in our lives, and Katrina is one of them. Day-to-day life is not. I would be the first to agree that the Federal Government has no business snooping into anyone's private affairs, ever, despite any bullshit "homeland security" excuses. But I'd also be the first to say that the Federal Government had damn well better be the first entity on the scene when a major disaster like Katrina strikes.

And, on both fronts, this current Federal Government has failed, failed, failed miserably. To all you Republicans and Libertarians out there -- acknowledge that, then help us on the left to do what is right, and get these bastards out of office. They respect the rights of no one, and so have managed to save the lives of no one, except those rich enough to get out of the way of disaster.

Scatching my head because, other than filthy rich businessmen and raving loony "I hate everyone" Christian fundies, I can't think of anyone -- anyone -- in their right mind who could think of any excuse to support these bastards in Washington. Not a one at all, at all.

The time for impeachment is now. If not today, then there will be revolution and civil war tomorrow.

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