Friday, October 21, 2005

DeLay: Talk to DeHand 

Jeebus. If being a smug, arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical prick were a crime, Tom DeLay would be facing a life sentence. Every time this man opens his mouth, re: his recent indictments, I just want to scream, "Fuck you, asshole", and give him a metaphorical bitch-slap upside the head. Does he truly not listen to what's coming out of his mouth, does he not get it, or is he truly as venal, cynical and stupid as he comes across?

See, Tommy, this is what it's like when the chickens come home to roost, and unfortunately, your party destroyed every one of your defenses when they tried to go after Bill Clinton.
"The formal arraignment of DeLay, who has stepped down as leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, was delayed because his attorney said Judge Bob Perkins had made contributions to the Democratic Party and other groups that oppose the Republicans."
Okay, I'm quoting his attorney there, but what a lame defense. And talk about either a) major projection or b) a blatant confession of Republican modus operandi. "We can't get a fair trial because the judge may vote for the other party." Implying, of course, that everything the Repugs do is designed not to follow the law or justice, but to prop up their party.

Things that make you go, "Hm..."

Aren't the Republicans the ones who bitch and wine about partisianship every time the Democrats try to do their job and question some or another Republican proposal or nominee? And then piss and moan when the Democrats cry partisianship back at them? And aren't the Democrats the ones more likely to follow principal instead of the party line? In other words, aren't the Democrats the grown-ups, while the Republicans are the pissy little children who want everything their own way?
DeGuerin told reporters outside the courtroom that his motion was not about Democrats or Republicans, but that Perkins's political contributions were in opposition to DeLay.
Interesting, isn't it, that DeLay's attorney isn't debunking the charges, but instead is engaging in this kind of meaningless obfuscation? And the "opposition to DeLay" stuff referred to MoveOn.org which, as I remember it, is not specifically anti-DeLay; it's anti-Republican.

Still -- DeLay gave out a quote today that almost made me fall on the floor laughing. He claimed he was being indicted for pushing the Republican agenda, or something to that effect. To which I thought, a) No, you were indicted for breaking the law; and b) You should be indicted for pushing the Republican agenda; the whole lot of you should be.

Anyway... I'm hoping that DeLay is just prologue to Fitzmas, when Patrick Fitzgerald finally summons Cheney, Rove, Liddy, et al, to do the perp walk and guest star on The Smoking Gun. That screaming sound you hear coming from Camp David will be Andy Card realizing that W is truly useless without his handlers, and finally melting down and quitting.

Prediction, unrelated to DeLay? Cheney will resign as VP before Christmas, citing "health reasons", W will nominate Condi-dahling to take his place, and none of that will make a whit of difference in W's ratings -- in fact, may cause a push for W's impeachment in order to put the first woman and African-American and/or African-American Woman in the Oval Office.

Or not. Because, after all, you can't put anything past these fucks in cheating the system...

And Tom DeLay can go fuck himself. Fifteen ways from Sunday. Time to face the music, babe. I hope they send you up the river for a good, long time.

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