Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ding, Dong! 

Can't say I'm sorry to see her go, but I find it wonderfully ironic that she was forced out by the Republicans, not the Democrats. In a really big way, this was the shot in the foot that the Republicans did not need this week. I mean, what else could go wrong? And we've still got Fitzmas to look forward to -- possibly a brilliant move holding the indictments off until Friday, in order to cap a perfect week.

The government screws up on hurricane relief again. Iraq takes its 2,000th American victim. No one really thinks the Iraqi Constitution was a) actually passed, b) going to do jackshit to stop the violence. Bush and Arnold, arguably the Republican Governor Poster Boy, have a little falling out over Bush coming to town for a fundraiser.

And Harriet Miers withdraws for the worst of reasons -- in order to keep White House documents secret. If they had played it smart, she would have withdrawn for the only reason that was bandied about publicly. She wasn't conservative enough on social issues for the "core" of the party. (It ain't, but they don't get that.) Sure, it might have been a bad thing to admit publicly, but it would have killed any further discussion, since this idea was already in the zeitgeist. The reaction would have been, "Oh well, she dropped out" instead of continued analysis of why.

But... using the "Executive Privilege" card was exactly the wrong thing to do, for two reasons. First, it reminded the American public yet again that W's White House has been the most secretive place since the Kremlin under Stalin. Second, it's going to keep that recalcitrance top of mind as certain administration members face indictment by Fitzgerald and Company.

Oh yeah. Two other big problems for the Republicans this week. W. drops even further in the polls, as does Arnold. Hint to the Republicans: your real base are people who lean toward the liberal/tolerant on social issues, but don't want to pay too much in taxes, thinking that it's all going to be given to poor people. They could give a damn whether a gay couple can marry or whether a teenager can have an abortion, as long as they don't have to pay for it. Fair enough -- but that mindset is much more centrist than the kabal that forced Miers to withdraw. Hell, that's the reason I actually have good friends who are Republicans. Because, for the most part, they aren't assholes. Another hint: I don't have any friends who regularly (or once, even), tried to tell me about Jesus, and how I'm a sinner...

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