Friday, November 11, 2005

Arnold Actually Gets It 

Wow. I have to say, two days after the election in which California told Arnold to take his propositions and stuff them, that he's done a rare thing for a politician. He's actually listened to the voters, gotten the message they were sending, and then admitted he was wrong in public. And that, for a politician is amazing.

He was surprisingly honest and candid today, going so far as to say that he never should have called the special election. And, even moreso, we finally found out why his wife didn't have much to say about the propositions during the campaign -- she thought the whole election was a bad idea, and advised him against it. He didn't take that advice, and publicly regrets it now.

And... he seems to actually be negotiating with legislative Democrats now, answering those questions about what happened to the billions he "borrowed" from the school system and didn't repay. In short, he may have learned his lesson, and is going to try to do his job the right way.

I'm sorry that it took an expensive special election and the time and opinions of nearly seven million Californians to achieve that, but at least, in this case, the Republican got the message. Whether Arnold will actual achieve something with that knowledge, and get off his "special interests" high horse is another matter. But maybe he can read the writing on the wall -- or have someone read it to him.

But when an average of 57 percent of the voters are on the side of certain groups, it's hard to call them "special" interests anymore, isn't it?

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