Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Much has been made of it, but I gotta toss in my two cents' worth...

Sorry, but no way they didn't rehearse Captain Dumbass, and tell him in advance which way the exit was. He was either drunk or hungover ("jet lag" my ass), but also so desperate to get away from those reporters with their "nasty" questions that he beelined and blew it.

And the wingnuts say, "Oh, ha ha, look. It proves that our president is only human..."

Nah. It proves that he's a moronic jackass who isn't qualified to be appointed dog catcher in a kennel. And, trust me, the rest of the world was laughing their asses off at this little faux pas.

Memo to the rest of the world: Please don't blame us for this fiasco. Only blame the Red States, and Diebold. The rest of us have no responsibility for this waste of air occupying the Oval Office.

Sigh. The things that make you miss Nixon. And Reagan. And, hell, even Herbert Hoover...

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