Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The people of California have spoken, and they have said up yours, Arnold. That's right -- from a point a month or so ago when it looked like all four of Arnold's propositions were going to win, yesterday, we had exactly the opposite result. In fact, a rarity in California politics, none of the propositions on the state ballot passed.

That's a pretty big message, because California tends to be a proposition-happy state, and I've long since despaired of the voters here ever having the intelligence to reject a single bond proposition. (I've often said that voters zero in on the word "bond" and ignore everything else to the extent that they could probably put a bond issue on the ballot to provide funding for pedophiles to have internet connections, and it would pass just because it's a bond.)

Anyway... eight up, eight down, all the answers "No", and I can't help but thing that it was anti-Arnold sentiment that drove the majority of voters to do the same thing I did. Walk into the ballot box, think, "Fuck it", and mark a straight-line No on everything. There might have even been a good prop or two in there; or not. But the real vote was whether or not we thought it was worth it for Arnold to waste the public's money for a special election that wasn't necessary.

Hope you can understand the answer, Arnold. Because yesterday's election wasn't just a decision about eight ballot measures. It was a referendum on your administration, and you lost. Lost big time. Now go back to Sacramento, and try to do something useful with the rest of your time as governator, because the odds don't look good that you have any chance of being re-elected, short of pulling some miracle out of your ass that erases our budget deficit and fully funds the schools.

This time, you won't be back...

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