Monday, November 14, 2005

Bullshit Meter 

Something about this confession just strikes me as bullshit; and I wonder how much this woman was offered. Did someone kidnap her kids and threaten her? Or was she offered an escape from Iraq along with her kids? Or what?

Simply put, the story Sajida Rishawi told the media just doesn't wash. For one thing, why the hell was she allowed to "model" her failed suicide bomb belt? Think about that one for a minute. "Okay, we'll tape your confession. Do you mind wearing explosives while we do it?" Not to mention that an apparently orthodox Muslim woman, wearing a headscarf, would so blithely whip open her outer garments for TV cameras. By those standards, she all but flashed tittie to the world. And, I'm no munitions expert, but the so-called "bomb" she was wearing looked awfully thin to be dangerous. Where the hell are the explosives, anyway? From what I've seen, Ms. Rishawi looked like she'd just wrapped a layer of duck tape around her body, with not much under it.

Ball bearings and explosives? Nah. Don't think so.

Now, think about the timing. What, they captured her outside the hotel, she didn't go boom, and she willingly confessed, all the while wearing the same bomb that didn't go bang? That's the kind of thing that sets my bullshit meter way off.

Also, her initial statements make no sense. Her husbad, the alleged bomber who succeeded, "pushed her out of the way" before blowing up? Um... how hard did he push her, exactly? Did he have an Incredible Hulk moment before triggering his device? Because, if we take the given that both of them were wearing ball-bearing laden explosives, unless he shoved her right out of the room and behind a bomb-proof wall, there's no way in hell she wouldn't have been severely injured when hubby went bang bang.

And, of course, there's this bit, censored from the regular news. Bomb placed in the ceiling hm? (whatreallyhappened had a great photo of bomb damage that was obviously caused by something planted from above, but I can't find it at the moment...)

Anyway... the confession from Ms. Rishawi strikes me as total bullshit, for many many reasons. And how convenient that a terrorist attack should happen in a Muslim country, just when W and Company are getting raked over the coals for lying their asses off.

Hm. Here's my bomb-belt Fashion Show... NOT.

And, the important question... qui bono?

Qui bono?

Again -- qui bono?

This woman is a liar. Just like W. and company. The question is: Why is she lying?

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