Tuesday, November 22, 2005

PC Run Rampant? 

The scariest thing about this story is this -- the teen involved may be forced to be a registered sex offender. Why? He humped a mannequin. And, frankly, that's going a bit too far -- as has this whole RSO bullshit in recent days.

Why? Because there are degrees of sex offense, and society has ceased to differentiate. We've hit a point where harmless dummy humpers or random streakers are indistinguishable from rapists and child molestors, and that's a shame. Quoth an anonymous source in the article, "But I certainly would want to know if this person was my neighbour." To which I ask, "Why?" Are you afraid he might start humping mannequins in your yard, or try to have unsolicited relations with the Real Doll you ordered online?

Can we get back to some sort of sanity? Can we fix things so that drunken college students with poor judgement are not tarred with the same brush as forty-something men who try to score underage poon? Can we remind ourselves that the sight of a penis is not the same thing as assault with same? Can we remember the days when "rape" was a different crime than "I saw his willy"?

in short -- can we stop registering every man who made a teeny mistake with the "Registered Sex Offender" brush, and save that designation for serious, actual crimes? Because, Jesus, it's getting to the point where some guy who forgets to tie up his bathing suit at the beach and meets a strong tide can be branded for life as a pariah, and that just isn't right.

Rampant feminism in action? Perhaps. Although, given the number of MILF-esque teachers who have been sexually assaulting teen boys of late, I'd say that the RSO category has become less sex specific.

But... let's apply some sanity, okay? Lets eliminate "mere sight of genitals" from the RSO category, and return it to "attempted forced application of genitals". Otherwise, one drunken fratboy trying to moon passing traffic could be tainted for life, and that just ain't right. Not when drunken frat boy trying to shove his junk up unwelcoming vagina should be.

Again, the criteria: if they aren't trying to shove it in you, it shouldn't be a sex crime. Period. And some guy trying to fuck an inanimate object should not and never be branded a sex offender....

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