Monday, November 07, 2005

Sorry, Arnold 

It is with baited breath that I await the outcome of tomorrow's special election in California. And yes, I am voting. But, despite early polls that showed Arnold's propositions in the lead, they now all appear to be taking a big dump and, with the exception of Prop 77, the redistricting initiative, it looks like they're all going to fail tomorrow. Unless the No voters grow complacement and stay home and the Yes voters get a sudden fire under their asses (an inclination opposite the presumed trend) Der Gropenator isn't going to be a happy man tomorrow.

There were so many problems with this election and Arnold's propositions going in that it wasn't even funny. First of all, there was no reason for the governor to call this damn election, and waste money the state doesn't have. He's been trumpeting in the press how the election only cost a quarter per person. Well, Arnie, I want my quarter back. It's the economy of scale, and it isn't what the election cost per person. It's what that money, collective, could have done -- like, for starters, paid back into the educational budget the money Arnold took out and hasn't repaid yet.

Another problem, of course, is that Arnold's propositions are nothing so much as a quartet of "Fuck You" measures aimed at the groups Arnold would like to have us think are the evil special interests. Trouble is, Arnold wouldn't know a special interest if it bit him in the ass. Personally, I'd much rather let all those Teachers and Nurses and Firemen determine the fate of our state than those Developers and Oil Men and Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers. That's the one thing I think I'd enjoy most out of this election turning out into a big bitchslap for Arnie -- that he will never again utter in public the phrase "dee spedzhil inteeerists."


Here's to Arnie not getting his Props tomorrow, and getting his ass in gear and tackling the state's real problems the day after that.

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