Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Title IX, Where Are You? 

AKA sometimes, liberals are hypocrits. Imagine this scenario: a girl wants to play a particular high school sport, but there's no girls' team. Legally, she has to be allowed to join the boys' team or, conversely, whether there are girls interested in a sport or not, they can't have a boys' team without a girls' team. This is how a lot of schools lost a lot of sports.

Well, just this thing has happened with the genders reversed -- a boy wants to join his school's bowling team. Trouble is, they don't have a boys' bowling team, just a girls' team. And the school has threatened to suspend him if he keeps trying to join it.

And I say... huh? Given exactly the same circumstances, the school would be forced to let a girl join the boys' bowling team if there were no girls' team. So what's the difference here? There is no difference, but sometimes the "equal rights" folk forget that there's two sides to the equation. That's what gender equality is all about. Not "girls get better than boys", but both genders get the same thing.

Let the kid bowl, for fuck's sake. And if the school is afraid that he's going to be a ringer and blow the opposing girls' teams out of the water -- well, what does that say about gender equality in sports in the first place?

They still have ladies' tees on golf courses, don't they?

Anyway, when it comes to sports and gender, we're still totally screwed up in this country. And you never hear people complaining that the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League baseball don't have any women players on their teams. Why not? To be consistent, those sports should be gender-integrated as well...

And, to be consistent, Paul Rofus should be allowed to bowl. Period.

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