Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We Need This Here 

The headline alone says it all, but here's yet another thing (besides universal health care) that we need to import from the great white north. It's called a "Vote of No Confidence", and it happens when the Congress (or Parliament) decides that the Executive (or Prime Minister) isn't worth following anymore. They vote on whether to keep his sorry ass in office. And Canada has just voted to dump Paul Martin and elect a new PM.

Sigh. How better would America be if we had this option, with one small variation. Instead of having the timid sycophants in our Congress decide the question, we'd put it direct to the voters. Once a month, an online, one-vote-per-person moratorium: Should the current Administration stay in power or not? If we had that simple power -- which we should, since all elected officials are supposed to work at our whim not theirs -- BushCo would have been on the streets several months ago, and most of Congress would have gone with them.

Hell, except for about two states, including all the red ones, Bush's approval numbers are past the toilet, and half way down the sewer pipe to shit-central. Even in the two states that sort of love him, he's hovering at 50%. And if we had an electorate (translation: us) with any true power at all, they'd be out of office, and so would 90% of the House and Senate, and half the Supreme Court.

Of course, we could change that. All it would take is an Amendment to the Constitution. Forget wingnut bullshit about anti-Flag Burning or anti-Gay Marriage ammendments -- which would warp the Constitution for purposes which it was never intended. If we're going to have a 28th Amendment, it should be this: it is the right of the people, at any time, to demand a referendum on the current government, and, should the majority plus one of the people vote no, every current elected official and all of the Supreme Court shall be removed from office, to be replaced.

That, and to hell with the electoral college, a useless relic.

Oh, Canada. You've given us an example. And we down here who despise everything our Administration has done and stands for champ at the bit. It would take major revelations and a snowstorm in hell to get the pussies in Congress to do their job and impeach these motherfuckers. Much better that we could do it ourselves, without having to take up arms.

I'm holding my breath until the 2006 midterms, and hoping that we don't explode into Civil War. But, for the first time in 140 years, I think we're getting close to that.

After all, it's more than abundant that the American People have given a big, flaming Vote of No Confidence to the Fucktards in the White House. Unfortunately, we have to wait until our Congress Critters grow the balls to do the same.

Chances of a Congress Critter growing balls? About the same chance of Paris Hilton becoming a nun.

Ah yes, this idea has been running around my skull for months now. Yes, I think someone should start a petetion of some sort to get the ball moving on this. Hell, you could do it Teo. Whaddaya say?
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