Monday, November 21, 2005

Withdrawal Method 

Ironic that one of the few accepted Catholic forms of birth control is rejected by this administration, which refuses to withdraw from Iraq. Not now, not on a timetable, not on any timetable.

Now, on the surface, this recalcitrance is utterly mystifying. After all, when the war is over, it's time to bring the troops home, right? Sadam is out of power, in custody and soon to be on trial. Iraq has its very own nominally democratic government. If those two things don't mean that our mission in Iraq is over and done with, what could? Nothing. There is simply no justifiable, logical reason that there are still any American troops there by Christmas, much less Thanksgiving. All they're doing now is providing fodder for insurgents -- who'd be called "freedom fighters" if we were behind them, q.v. El Salvador vs. Nicaragua.

No, I'm afraid there are only two possible reasons that this Administration is refusing to pull the troops out of Iraq, and they both suck. The first, more obvious, reason is so that our army is in a place of easy deployment on such day that BushCo. manages to bullshit the American people into a war on Iran. Thankfully, that day is becoming increasingly less likely as even Republican support for the occupation of Iraq dwindles.

Reason number two: if the troops are still in Iraq in November 2008, this will become the wingnut mantra in order to make sure there's a Republican successor to W. In short, "You can't change the party in power while there's a war on, it would endanger our troops. Stay the course, bullshitbullshitbullshit."

And the Administration dares to accuse the war's opponents with playing politics? Big Dick can choke on that lie. Because, logically, the only, only reason they're keeping our brave men and women over there is to ensure their re-election. That's right, Mr. and Mrs. Middle America -- and everyone else with a family member in the military. Your allegedly elected leader would prefer that they die, as long it keeps his party in power.

George Bush doesn't care about black people his own troops. If he did, he'd be presenting his plan for withdrawal already. After all, there's no way at all to claim withdrawal would be an admission of defeat. Dude, we took out the bad guy and installed a new regime. Mission Accomplished, asshat.

Instead, if BushCo. has their way, our kids are going to be over there for the next two years, and pretty soon the media will be mourning new milestones -- 3,000 dead. 4,000 dead. 5,000 dead.

How many dead will it take for us to tell them "Enough?" And to provide them two choices -- Withdraw or Resign?

And if you refuse to do either, we will Impeach, then send you all to Geneva for your war crimes trials.

A true patriot knows when the war is over. Only a jingoistic idiot can't see that truth.

Ohhhh oh oh all this makes me want to suggest unsuggestable things. These bastards need to go. The sooner the better.
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