Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Democracy in Action 

So... Palestinians vote, and Hamas wins. And our Administration should be doing backflips and screaming, "See? Democracy works!!!"

Except that... um... oops. And the total hypocrisy of our Government is exposed once again. Democracy works when the puppet regimes BushCo wants get elected. Otherwise... Democracy? We never promised no stinkin' Democracy.

'Cause, y'know, if BushCo weren't full of shit, they would have greeted Hamas as the new and rightfull elected rulers, with open arms. Instead, Condi Rice threatens them obliquely (using the "T" word), and Israel threatens them directly (we'll assassinate their ministers left and right), and, well... I haven't seen such flip-flop hypocrisy on the definition of Democracy since Reagan and the whole Contra/Sandanista conundrum.

As in... "Terrorists are only good if we own them."

Or, in this case, they own us. And I'm still not sure whether the Mossad owns BushCo or vice versa. But... the people of Palestine have spoken. If BushCo really wanted Democracy in the Middle East, they'd cheer and say, "Hoo-hah, we recognize the duly elected government."

But they don't... meaning that all of the rah-rah for Iraqi "democracy" is complete and total bullshit.

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