Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Only Way to Win Is to Not Play... 

Sage advice from the old film War Games...
And Iran... Iran so far away... I just ran, Iran all night and day. I couldn’t get away... -- Flock of Seagulls.
See, our preznint has stuck our nation in an untenable position, and here it is. Once upon a time, right about when Ronald Reagan was making secret deals with terrorists in order to make sure Jimmy Carter wasn't re-elected, Iran was Public Enemy Number One. They kidnapped a bunch of Americans, held them hostage for over a year, and proclaimed us the Great Satan every chance they got. Ayatollah Khomeini was more hated than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden combined -- and that was non-partisan, equal-opportunity wrath. Conservatives hated him and liberals hated him. If there had ever been an issue in this country that united opposite sides of the spectrum, then the Hostage Crisis of '79-'80 was it. In fact, when Kohmeini bit the dust in 1989, even the most peace-loving and atheistic of leftwingers (um, like, me), said "Thank god he's gone."

Flash forward to 2006. Now we're getting the maybe it's true, maybe it's false news that Iran is trying to build nookular bombs. And if George W Bush hadn't been such an utter fuck-up as CinC, our course would be clear. Sure -- sanction them, isolate them, disarm them. Kind of a no-brainer there.

But the trouble is... Georgie Boy had an agenda called Saddam -- a tinhorn dictator who had been about as isolated as Fidel Castro, and who wasn't a danger to anyone. And, when Bush should have stayed the course in Afghanistan and gone after bin Laden and company, he didn't. He lied the nation into invading Iraq, probably mostly to show the world that he could do what his daddy didn't. And so, he took our focus away from bin Laden, invaded a country that was not involved with 9/11, killed over 2,000 of our fine soldiers, and stuck us in a quagmire without an exit -- but only because somebody has too damn much pride to admit a mistake, cut and run.

Which is why we're in an untenable position. If we were only dealing with Afghanistan, then neutralizing Iran wouldn't be such a problem. And we could probably manage it in non-military ways, via diplomacy with Russia, who could convince their lil buddy in the Middle East to not be so belligerent. In fact, if we hadn't invaded Iraq, Iran really wouldn't have incentive to arm themselves. But I think they woke up and smelled the coffe and did the math. "Hm. Axis of Evil. Iraq, Iran, North Korea." Now, one of those countries got invaded and one didn't. One of those countries has nukes and one doesn't. You do the math. Hell, if I were the leader of a country next door to one invaded by the last remaining super power for no good reason, I'd sure as hell be scrambling to get my hands on that enriched Uranium and Plutonium and stocking up on missiles that could make it to Israel or Europe.

By the way, Israel most likely has their own nukes. Do we hear anyone over hear threatening to invade that country? Um... nope. Wonder why not...?

But, anyway... BushCo. has done everything possible to make an invasion of Iran ill-advised and impossible. Oh, sure -- we could just withdraw our troops from Iraq by having them march east, and pull them out of Afghanistan by marching west and hoo-hah, let's meet in Tehran. Except then we'd be screwing with Russia's oil, and China's friend, and... Bush doesn't have the political capital in the world, much less in this country, to even seriously consider such a course of action.

No... the time to hit Iran was in the summer of 1989, when Big Daddy Bush was in office and the Ayatollah Khomeini went off to collect his 72 Virgins. Or, well, maybe he only got 36, since he died of natural causes. But that was seventeen years ago. A different world, a different time. I'd say that it was before "9/11 changed everything," except that I don't believe that bullshit for one second.

Anyway, here's the deal. We know now (or, well, most everyone knows now, 'cause a lot of us knew three years ago) that W lied us into war with Iraq. I'll take any report about any weapons in Iran with a grain of salt. And the second that W seriously calls for an invasion of that country is the second that he should be arrested by the Secret Service, hauled out of office, locked in an insane asylum and tried for treason.

It's one thing to defend this country against its real enemies. It's quite another to run willy-nilly around the world invading countries for flimsy reasons. And the latter is the kind of thing that creates more terrorists. If BushCo. takes action against Iran, in having no justification for it, they are only going to create yet another terrorist incubator, and endanger all Americans further.

Like I said -- treason. Treason and insanity. Don't let the nutjobs in charge pull this snowjob on us. Iran won't be a danger to us until the day that the first American soldier is sent over the border. But, ask yourself this -- if your country were invaded, wouldn't you fight against those invaders, no matter the reason they came in? Iranians certainly will -- and if W even tries to go there, he's going to learn the meaning of the phrase "tar baby" real fast.

Oh, wait. He already punched that baby in Iraq, and didn't learn his lesson. Idiot.

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