Thursday, March 02, 2006

Flush It Down the Toilet... 

Once upon a time, someone (I think it was Robert Anton Wilson) said that the best way to simulate a coke habit was to a) rub Epsom Salts up your nose, b) go out in the backyard and burn everything you own.

I have no idea how to best simulate waging a stupid war at great cost, but I can tell you how much it's costing: $ 159,514,238,258 as of a few minutes ago... remember that figure, because I'll revisit it when I finish typing this post.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- that amount of waste, that amount of money flushed down a sandhole in Iraq, is a travesty. What could we have bought for that amount? Let's round it to $ 160,000,000,000. That's one hundred and sixty billion dollars...

That 625 times the recent MegaMillions prize won in Ohio.

That's a year's tuition to the tune of $40K for 4,000,000 college students -- or a four-year ride for a million of them.

That's what 11,834,319 people who work for $6.50 an hour make in a year without overtime.

That's free laptop computers for 200,000,000 people -- two thirds the population of this country.

That's $ 533.00 per person for every citizen of the US.

That's 1,066 movies at a $ 150 million budget each.

That's admission for 17,777,777,777 people to see those movies -- or for everyone in the US to see 59 movies, at LA prices.

That's the full production budget for 4,000,000 plays in small theatres.

That's 64,000,000,000 school lunches at $2.50 a pop -- feeding all the students of this country for a year.

And so forth. In short, it's a heinous waste of money, going down a rat hole. And, in the time it took me to type this piece, the figure has now grown to $ 159,515,740,407. That's an increase of $ 1,502,149. One and a half million dollars in about six minutes.

Yeah. If I could earn that kind of money, I'd work the job for about a week, then quit -- with $ 372,532,952.00 in my pocket after taxes.

Better payoff than a MegaMillions or PowerBall winner.

And, for flushing it down the toilet, George Bush should be impeached and run out of the country on a rail. After being tarred and feathered.

Can't wait for the day, about twenty years down the line, when he's listed in the history books as Worst... President... Ever. Hands down, no question.

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