Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Remind the Assholes Who They Work for, Again... 

This alarming news, re: renewing the so-called Patriot Act:
The Senate voted 69-30 Tuesday — 60 votes were needed — to limit debate and bring the bill to a final vote that could occur as early as Wednesday. The House then would vote and send the legislation to the White House. Sixteen major provisions would expire March 10 if President Bush doesn't sign the bill by then.
All we need are ten Senators to grow some balls before tomorrow. Ten Senators to remember who their bosses are. We The Fucking People. Ten Senators to put this country and history above some bullshit "booga-booga oooh terrorists" propaganda that hasn't played with real Americans since September 12th, 2001.

Reminder, Senate Wonks: George W's approval ratings are in the toilet, and even the rightwing is starting to abandon him. Voting against what King Georgie wants is hardly a vote-losing proposition right now. Lame Duck? Hell, a Lame Duck would win a footrace with this Administration if you gave the Administration a three hundred yard headstart and used Dick Cheney to provide cover fire.

Let's look at it this way. Our Federal Government excells at doing one thing -- delaying and foot-dragging. Ten days, kids. All you've got to do is stall this fucking crap legislation until March 11th, and then all those annoying provisions that you were too lazy to read in the first place go away.

Or -- grow a set, do your goddamn jobs and ask yourself, "How far do I want the government snooping into my shit when I become a private citizen again?" (Which will be a lot faster than you want if you vote for this crap.) Hell, how far do you want them snooping now, when you're living in pork barrel heaven and fellating PACs for a living?

Nine senators. That's all we need. That means we only need 15 percent of the prior enablers to change their minds. I'm not counting Joe "I'm a Republican" Lieberman as one of the switchers, and I don't even need to look at the roll call to know how that flaming asshole Quisling voted.

Nine senators. Either that, or to hell with the government entirely. Time to drag Russ Feingold into DC, declare him the real Emperor, and declare it Party Time, French Style.

"Tonight I'm gonna partay like it's 1789..."

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