Thursday, May 04, 2006


If you want to know exactly whose fault the current immigration mess is, I offer this small bit of current eventery. President Vicente Fox had recently announced that Mexico was going to legalize possession for personal use of small amounts of just about every currently illegal drug. Our Administration here pulls their usual "OH GOD NO -- DRUGS!!!" bullshit piss and moan, and Presidente Fox is now "reconsidering." Or, as is put in less diplomatic terms, shits his pants and kisses ass.

Or, let's put it another way. The US Government feels an itch, the autonomous government of a friendly sovreign nation scratches. Fox, in theory, has all the power and ability to just listen to the US drug fears and say, "Hey, pinche -- not my problem. Te chingas, y tu mamá."

But he doesn't. Which implies that, if our current government/big business oligarchy really didn't want illegals from Mexico, they'd say the word and Fox would be supervising building of a wall tomorrow.

It really shows the schizophrenia of the Republican party over the whole thing. And, to be honest, the schizophrenia of the Democratic party as well. On the Republican side, it's "Oh no, evil brown people" vs. "Oh boy, cheap labor who can't force us to follow any labor regulations." On the Democratic side, it's "Oh dear, must help the downtrodden of all types" vs. "Oh shit, there go the unions."

But the bullshit is coming from the top. If our government wanted to stop the problem, they could do it diplomatically in five minutes. Instead, they pretend to care, stir up all the conflicted sentiments among the populace, then leave us to the in-fighting as they damn well know that no sort of immigration reform bill has any chance at all of passing.

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