Monday, May 08, 2006

Really Strange Bedfellows 

From Drudge of all places, though probably not a surprise -- Rupert "I Am Fox News" Murdoch may be hosting a political fundraiser for a Hilary Clinton presidential run.

On the surface, that's about as unlikely as PETA hosting an event for Ted Nugent's gubernatorial campaign. But methinks there's something else going on here, and it's this. The Republicans desperately, desperately want and need Hilary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2008, because they think they can easily defeat her by bringing back all the stank they threw at her husband's administration. Unfortunately, I think they're right -- and that's why Hilary Clinton is the one person who should not run in '08.

Now, I say that as a huge fan of Bill Clinton. But Hilary already has too much baggage. The right has always despised her, probably because she doesn't believe that political wives should shut up, be pretty and stay in the kitchen. (Look what that approach did for Betty Ford). But a lot of the left aren't so enamored of her either, because of her stance in support of the Iraq War at the beginning. Granted, she was a freshman senator at the time and the only truth the electorate doesn't really get is that freshman Congress Critters pretty much have to shut up and do what their party tells them if they ever want to have any real power to get anything done. Yes, even if they're married to an ex-President.

So, looking a little below the surface, it makes perfect sense for Mr. Rightwing Media himself to be helping out the apparent Queen of Liberaldom. It might seem crazy, but Murdoch is being crazy like a fox.

Feingold in '08, maybe (maybe) with Clinton as a running-mate. But don't fall for the Republican trap of nominating Mrs. Clinton for the top spot just yet. Let's save her for 2016, after the non-Republican winner of '08 has served their two terms, and all the wingnut BS of the last twelve years is a distant memory.

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