Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eat Me, Antonio... 

Okay. I was willing to give half a benefit of the doubt to Anonio Villraigosa as mayor of LA, but no more. Yeah, that's right -- the second the city employees threaten to strike for better wages and benefits, the "people's" mayor shits his shorts and runs right off into management's hands.

And he's stuck his head so far up the asses of the money people in power that he's publicly admitted to being willing to cross union picket lines.

Hey, Tony, know what? You just lost it. You just blew your street cred. Yeah, you did great things so far in fixing this city, but in not siding with the underpaid employees of said entity, you fucked up big time. You just demonstrated to all of us who's buttering your bread, and it isn't the people of LA. Nope. Apparently, between the time you were an underdog and the time you got elected, you sold your soul.

So, unless you honor those picket lines and have a change of heart, fuck you, Tony. I fully supported you in your run for mayor, voted for you and hoped you'd win. I hoped you'd give us something different, totally hoped you'd wrench the local schools away from those pisspoor school board members who are clueless. And you got so damn close, but then pissed it all away in one moment.

It's really simple, Tony. Pay your people what they're worth. You want to be a mayor for the people? Then don't turn into a Republocrat the second the issue of fair wages are mentioned. Keep your oh so lucky ass on this side of the picket lines, help the little people. Otherwise -- you're just telling us that the only reason you ever got elected to be mayor of this great city was because you kissed fat white Republican asses.

And look at Joe Lieberman for a quick lesson on what happens to Democratic ass-kissers.

It's real easy, Tony. Side with the people before it's too late. Honor those picket lines, or else you've just doomed yourself to being a one term mayor.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the sales figures of the major markets during the grocer's strike. All of them were hurting, because those of us in unions refused to shop there. And Trader Joe's stock went through the roof. And, to this day, Ralphs, Albertsons and Vons are still trying to suck back customers -- the ones they lost because some of us still believe that honoring picket lines is a good thing.

In short -- Mayor Tony, you're about to piss away the people who got your brown ass in office in the first place. Don't be a fucking moron. Serve your constituents, not your corporate bosses. Otherwise, you're just a dupe, a pawn, another bought-off dipshit.

And you can do better than that. You have in the past. Please do so in the future. Don't suck up to big business. Be your own man. Otherwise -- say goodbye to your political aspirations...

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