Saturday, September 16, 2006

Joey the Rat Fucks Up 

Is it any surprise that Pope JP II's Nazi successor manages to munge things up by living in the past? Yeah -- the guy in the dress went super-insensitive, which just makes these products all the more relevent... (Plug.)

But, dude, seriously -- could you stop living in the past of the Crusades for one moment, pull your tiara out of your ass and just Shut the Fuck Up?

Article here, but I really can't add much. Except for this: Yo, Ratzo -- you were elected as payback for being Papal muscle for two decades, and in hopes that you'd die after two or three years. Fulfill your obligation, have a stroke already, and keep your stupid yap out of world politics.

Or -- go ahead and take that trip to Turkey, but leave the Pope Mobile behind. And be sure to stand up and wave to the crowd a lot. You deserve what Mehmet Ali Agca couldn't manage in the 80s, asshole.

Suggestion? After Turkey, take a nice tour through Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Smile and wave and eat the shit you deserve for being such a throwback to the Dark Ages.


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