Monday, September 18, 2006

No, Governments Would Never Do That... 

Gulf of Tonkin.

Reichstag Fire.

Many people consider the former dubious and the latter an aberration that was caused, of course, by the Nazis -- apparently the only villains of the 20th Century. (If you believe that myth, then you need to read up on Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Franco, et al.)

Today is the 75th Anniversay of the Mukden Incident, which occured on September 18th, 1931.

The nutshell version of the story: Japanese soldiers blow up a section of railway bridge owned by Japan near Manchuria. Japanese military blames Chinese dissidents. Japan annexes Manchuria.

In other words, yet another act of "foreign" terrorism performed by the very government that benefited from it.

In other news...

German soldiers disguised as Poles shoot up a German post. Invasion of Poland ensues.

The Reichstag is set ablaze by the Germans. Anarchists are blamed. Civil rights vanish.

Terrorist acts on American soil are planned by our own military, in order to foment anti-Castro sentiment and allow an invasion of Cuba. The plan is nixed by JFK and its architect is fired. The president is assassinated not long after.

An American warship is shot up by fake Viet Cong, LBJ gets permission to go in gung-ho to defend South Vietnam, plunging us further into a war that lasted another decade and ended in failure.

Nineteen Arabs walk out of a bar, and...


Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Japanese Military blowing up their own shit in order to take over someone else's. Just keep thinking about that, and keep asking yourself, "Would government really do that?"

Then keep repeating the mantra to yourself, "No they wouldn't, no they wouldn't, no they wouldn't." Close your eyes and go back to sleep.

Iraq. Oil.

Exxon, Mobil, et al, outrageous profits never before seen in the history of capitalism.

Gas prices before the invasion of Iraq: (US Average, all grades): $1.70 per gallon.
Gas prices up until the convenient pre-election drop: $3.04 per gallon. (Figures courtesy of the US government.)

So... Cui bono?

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