Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh, This Will End Badly... 

More proof that the Republicans hate our soldiers. New York City is screwing them -- and the police and other city workers -- over and over. From the (no link 'cause of their registration BS) New York Times:
When they were called up for military service in the wake of 9/11, hundreds of uniformed city workers in the Reserves faced the suspension of their city health and pension benefits. The city offered them an option: it would keep paying their salaries and continue their benefits, but when they returned they would have to repay the city their city salary or their military pay, whichever was less.
Read the article for more, because it's a total bolloxing up of their lives. This is such a heinous abuse that I wouldn't be surprised if Congress got involved. (Paging Senator Clinton: this is your territory. Do something about it.)

What the city should have done in the first place was just continue the damn benefits and suspended the salaries for the duration. Or, more honorably, realize that these guys were risking their live to go and fight for us, and so should get every concession on a silver platter.

But Republicans don't think that way, because they hate our men in uniform, they really do.

Once upon a time, soldiers returning to this country from wars received benefits out the wazoo. Remember the "American Dream" surburban home-owner aberration of the 50s? That was largely the result of soldiers returning from WWII and receiving great benefits on home loans, education, health care, etc. They plowed those benefits back into the economy, and it was boom time.

Remember all those Vietnam vets who came home to the hate of their fellow citizens and who were all but ignored by their government? Remember how many of them wound up homeless, insane, drug-addicted or dead? Iraq I and II vets being billed for their health care or "lost" equipment?

Or being dumped on by the City of New York? This is particularly shameful because, of course, New York was one of the two cities hit on 9/11 -- and its Republican administration has just basically said that the memories of those victims and the well-being of those who fought are worth nothing.

Well, fuck them. And this is a perfect Democratic campaign issue for Charles Schumer and Hilary Clinton to pick up and run with right now. "See how the Republicans treat our fighting men and women? Shame, shame, shame!"

If you're in New York, or even if you're not, might want to drop them a line or two right now.

Otherwise, besides dumping on our soldiers, NYC has also dumped on their own Police -- and other highly unionized employees. One group you never fuck with is your own police force. Mayor Bloomberg has probably just screwed the pooch on this one.

Every cloud has a silver lining...

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