Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jay Leno Thinks He's Jon Stewart 

Although I don't think that Jon Stewart would ever claim to be running a news show. And Leno and Company has just gone overboard in the celebrity fawning department.

Tonight, on Leno's show, the special guest was... California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzeneger. All by himself, nattering away and pontificating to Jay's softball questions for several segments. During the campaign. Less than a month before the election.

What's missing from this picture? Why, Arnold's opposition candidates of course. At the very least, Phil Angelides should get... no... must get equal airing on NBC. That's how the game is supposed to work, and how it did work until Ronald Reagan gutted the equal time laws in the 80s.

How the game worked this time: NBC played semantics, of the same sort Republicans wet themselves over when they claimed b-b-b-but Clinton did it. To wit, it all depends on what the meaning of "equal time is". And so, somehow, Leno's show morphs from an entertainment program (which would require equal time) to a news show, which does not.

Give me a motherfucking break.

Time to write those letters and make those phone calls -- to NBC, the FCC, and your Senators and Congress Critters. Make it very clear: NBC must give all the other gubernatorial candidates equal time and equal hype on Leno's show before the election. Period. Otherwise, they don't deserve to use our public airwaves.

And, while we're at it, let's report them to the FEC, because they've just made an in-kind donation that has to be way the hell over the corporate limit -- just multiply AhNOld's time on Leno tonight by NBC's national per minute ad rates for the time slot and, well, they probably hit the limit before Arnold even finished saying, "Hello." (And Jay continued to gush and talk about him with subsequent guests; Arnold is up to at least a solid half hour commercial time gratis... and counting.)

I'm not buying the California polls, only because I've seen the pisspoor, flipflop job Arnold has done as governator in his first term. And does no one remember when the voters handed him his ass in the special election that he called at great expense because he couldn't get his way with the legislature by pissing and moaning and quoting his own movies? Where did that sentiment go? Because we sure need it now.

Sure. Angelides isn't the best choice. The best choice would be any third party candidate, 'cause it's about time that California led the way in dumping our stupid two party system. If only we could get a Green or a Libertarian in charge. But, for the moment, Angelides is a much better choice than the steroid in a suit currently playing at politics in Sacramento.

It's about the record, folks. Take a good hard look at Arnold's before you go to the polls in November. Take a look and ask yourself, "Has this jackass really done anything since he got elected?"

And then make a stink and make NBC eat it for what they've done tonight. At the very least, report them to the FCC for indecency, because it was nothing but Leno giving Arnold a big sloppy hummer before bending over and begging, "Fuck me, daddy."

Pathetic, really, to see the incest that is Hollywood spill out with so little disguise.

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