Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just Say "No". 

As the upcoming midterm elections approach, most of the focus lies on the statewide and national candidate races, which is fine. But there's something else to think of as you go to the polls. Want to send a real message that the process is screwed up and needs fixing?

Then vote "No" on every single ballot measure, proposition, question or whatever they call them in your state. Tell the politicians to go to hell with their bond measures, tell the special interest groups to stop subverting the process with very special interest measures that should have been weighed by the legislature and courts. In short, use your power to tell them NO, NO, NO and HELL NO.

I don't know about other states, but there's not a single state or local ballot measure in California that we wouldn't be better off without. And peel away the veneer of electoral process, more of them than not are just designed to put more money into the hands of people who already have too much -- government contractors, big pharma and hospitals, public utilities, etc.

Screw 'em all. California managed to do it right for Arnold's special election and reject every one of his measures. We can do it again, and so should the rest of the country.

So, this November, please go to the polls and just vote "No" on everything.

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