Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't Let the Doorknob Hit You Where the Good Lord Split You... 

In news I won't link to, 'cause it's on World Net Daily, a crazed, so-called Christian woman quit her Wal-Mart job in disgust because her employers gave a little money to a gay and lesbian group...
A second worker upset over Wal-Mart's newly-contrived "gay" agenda is quitting the retail chain to take a stand for Christianity, and is citing a report from WND about another woman who also decided she'd had enough.

Karin Laginess, of Auberndale, Fla., told WND yesterday that it was as if "God hit me" when she saw the earlier WND report about Janet Baird.

Baird, of Ohio, heard the shocking new plans that WND had reported several weeks ago directly from the mega-corporation's international headquarters: that the company is, in fact, contributing to the financial and moral agenda of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
Well, good-riddance to ya, you homophobic bitch. And good luck trying to sponsor an upgrade to your double-wide by suing Wal-Mart.

But, of course, this again points out the hypocrisy of the NeoCons. Wal-Mart, not exactly the poster child of liberalism (ahemn) has no problem with gays and lesbians when it comes to taking their money -- a small donation, and to the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce at that, which is probably on the more conservative side of gay politics, seeing as how they're a business group. (Where do you think Log Cabin Republicans come from? Fags with money who want to pay less in taxes, but are rich enough and connected enough that they can screw who they want. Paging Rev. Haggard and Rep. Foley.) So, Wal-Mart drops maybe fifty grand on that group, it gets good press in the gay rags, and all the closet queens in Montana shop at their stores, spending an assload of money.

But, at the same time -- does Wal-Mart provide insurance, benefits or other domestic partnership benefits to the same-sex partners of employees? Probably not. Do they carry gay magazines or gay-themed DVDs? Probably no. Do they carry books with specifically gay themes? Not. Do they sponsor AIDS organizations or contribute to groups trying to legalize gay marriage? Nah.

And yet another religious lunatic doesn't see the forest for the trees. It works like this: the NeoCons, in reality, have no "moral" agenda. They only have a "money" agenda. So, they spout off on how immoral things like abortion and homosexuality are in order to suck contributions from the mouth-breathers. At the same time, they have no problem courting those same organizations in small ways that pay off with big PR and corporate profits. Then, all the while, they pay off our elected officials in big ways to make sure that no law harmful to their bottom line ever makes it through Congress.

That's the real reason that gays and lesbians have made such strides in the last twenty years -- corporate America woke up to the fact that these people have no kids and a lot of disposable income. I lived in West Hollywood for nearly a decade and, during that time, watched the annual Hallowe'en and Gay Pride events morph from community-oriented, almost guerrilla alternative celebrations into corporate ad-fests. In fact, I stopped going to both when, sponsor-wise, they became indistinguishable from any mainstream "breeder" festival anywhere else in the world. In 1990, it was considered brave if any major corporation even had a small table handing out pamphlets. In 2006, every major corporation is fighting for the most visible spot on the biggest stage at the middle of everything.

And they aren't fighting for rights. They're fighting for money. Racist idiots might see black and white; bigoted idiots might see red, blue and pink. But corporations only see green, and no green. Any group that has the green earns their favor -- but only as a target market to be sucked dry.

On the day that the major retailers suddenly realize that they could double their revenue by selling stuff to gay and lesbian couples having weddings is the day that Wal-Mart, Target, DeBeers, etc., start lobbying for legalization -- and the day that our bought and paid for Congress changes their tune.

The great irony, of course, is that NeoCon policies are going to most hurt the blue collar folk who fall for the God & Circuses BS the hardest -- and when those people, no matter how much they wear Jesus on their sleeves, can no longer afford to donate, they will be forgotten as an important demographic group and will lose all clout.

Ironically, the leaders and corporations they seem to admire the most are the ones who worship Mammon over god.

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