Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is This Useless Fuckbag Even Relevant Anymore 

Just watching a bit of the Bush/Maliki press conference tonight, and President Dipshit has finally reached the point where he cannot open his mouth without spewing lies, which contradict past lies, ad infinitum.

For example: "I think any time you murder someone, you're a criminal" -- notwithstanding W's absolute refusal to review death sentence cases when he was Governor of Texas, going so far as to laugh over a clemency plea for a convicted woman.

Not to mention the utter bullshit that pulling out of Iraq will "embolden" the "terrorists". Yeah, horseshit.

And not to mention that every time he says we can't leave until the Mission is Complete, I flash back to that "Mission Accomplished" banner.

It's real simple, stupid. Iraq has long since passed the Saigon point. Have the troops home by Christmas. There's no point for them to be there anymore, except as targets of IEDs planted by opposite sides in what is clearly a civil war. There's not even a domino theory to quote as justification for staying, but certainly a reverse domino theory to quote as justification for getting out now -- as in, the more Iraqis who die while we're on their soil, the more Muslims in the area in general will become militant anti-American terrorists.

The argument that, "If we leave there now, they'll follow us here" is absolute, total bullshit. And, honestly, the best thing that W can do for the world and for America right now is absolutely to "Cut and Run" in Iraq.

Why? It will give Muslims in the middle east the perception that they've defeated the US (q.v. Iran 1978-1980), and they'll shut up and leave us alone for a while. At least, the few Muslim warhawks will. The rest of the regular, peace-loving, couldn't give a flying fuck about it Muslims will just breath a sigh of relief and go back to their business.

"I have a problem with a government that's isolating its people, denying its people benefits" -- another W. quote. Hm... you mean the US Government, which wants to require that Americans be pre-approved to travel out of the country as of January 2007? ("Your paperz, pleeeze!") The US Government, whose Republican branch has denied all Americans health care and wants to remove things like Medicare and Social Security?

The hypocrisy and bullshit is strong with this one. Er, sorry. This asshole in a suit. In an ideal world, there would be no American soldiers in Iraq after December 24th, and Bush, Cheney, et al would be impeached, out of office and awaiting trial for war crimes before the new Congress is sworn in in January.

Where, oh where, is the beloved comic to make a movie called "The Not-So-Great Dictator" right about now?

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