Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sink that Swift Boat 

Maybe John Kerry didn't word his joke so well, but his comments the other day were absolutely un-newsworthy. It was clear that he was trying to make a joke about a certain C-Average elected official who has now got us stuck in Iraq. Kerry, a veteran, was not calling the troops stupid.

But the Republicans are desperately trying to spin anything they can get their hands on, and the mainstream media don't want to let this go. However, in the real world, it seems that a vast majority of people haven't bought into the spin and don't take Kerry's words to be some huge declaration that "America Sucks".

The Republicans are in big trouble next Tuesday, and they know it. But it looks like, outside of their lapdogs in the media, most people just aren't buying the bullshit any more.

Yes, next Tuesday's election will be a referendum on Iraq. But I think we'll also see something else. A referendum on our politicians, which could lead to wholesale failure of ballot measures, a lot of incumbents losing office and, with any luck, a change of control in both houses of Congress.

It's what happened in California when Arnold had his special election -- every single proposition failed. Now, if you've ever lived in California for any length of time, you know that voters here seem to love them some propositions, and they've passed some damn stupid ones over the years. (Prop. 187, anyone?) So that special election was actually quite a sea-change, and possibly a hint of what's to come.

Vote next Tuesday. In the meantime, separate the bullshit from the issues; the spin from reality.

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