Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Lost, Get Over It... 

With only two Senate races still undecided at the moment -- but leaning Democratic -- it looks like Democrats may have succeeded in seizing power in both Houses of Congress. At the very least, their control of the House of Representatives is a fait accompli. The Senate is currently at 49/49.

And this is where the real work begins for the People of America. When this new Congress takes power, we have got to remind them, every minute of every day, why we put them there and what they must do. It is time to end the madness in Iraq, and it is time to remove the bad apples in the Executive Branch who have brought this country to its lowest point since... well, since the Civil War.

Several years ago, I wrote to my Congressman, demanding that he begin impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. His response was that, basically, since the Democrats didn't have the majority in Congress, it would do no good.

Tomorrow, I'm going to remind him of that reply, and remind him that his only excuse has now been removed. Tomorrow, I'm going to remind him and my Senators that Nancy Pelosi may speak for the House, but she does not speak for the People of this country.

And, another thing to remind them of: the President seems to have lost sight of one very important detail. There is a supreme leader in this land, but it's no him, it's not any elected official. No; the supreme leader of America is -- thanks to the founders and the Constitution -- the People of America.

Tonight, we have spoken. The Republicans gained not a single seat in the House, the Senate nor any Governorship. They've lost the majority in the House. They've lost the majority of Governorships. They may well lose the majority in the Senate. And, in fact, had Mr. Bush been up for re-election tonight, I'm quite sure that he would have been kicked to the curb just as completely as Rick Santorum, or any number of Republican incumbents who are now out of a job.

We have suffered the rule of these fools for twelve years in Congress and six years in the Executive. We have made our opinion clear, and it is time to suffer them no more. But it is also time to make damn sure that our new majority understands exactly why they were put in office.

Quite simply: this is a gift that the American People have chosen to give, and it has an expiration date. To our new Democratic Overlords: Use Your Power. Do what we want and fix this global cluster-fuck that the New Oil Barons have stuck us in. Do it now or, come November 2008, this gift will be revoked.

Clinton lied but no one died. Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and all the rest of them deserve to be impeached, removed from office, tried for their war crimes and then punished accordingly.

That is what today's election was really about, and the people have spoken. Democratic Congress -- do your fucking job, and enforce the will of the people, or else you'll be the next ones to feel our election wrath and be shit out of luck.

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