Monday, January 29, 2007

They Can't Take a Joke... 

Watching the right-wing try to do everything they can to invent smears against Hillary Clinton would be amusing if their attempts weren't so transparently pathetic.

The latest example involves a joke she made, and desperate efforts to completely misrepresent it. I'm sure you've seen the reports. In response to a reporter's question, she said, "Do I have experience in dealing with evil and bad men?", then paused for effect.

Naturally, the wingnuts have jumped all over it, first mocking her for not answering, then claiming that her joke was a reference to her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Which is totally unmitigated horseshit, and it only takes two seconds to figure out why. Has Hillary dealt with evil, bad men before? Hell yes, several times. And it would take an idiot to not realize that her silence was a reference to Ken Starr, Rush Limbaugh and all the Republicans in Congress who tried to bring her husband down; as well as a possible reference to Richard Nixon and Company. After all, Hillary was one of the attorneys involved in drawing up impeachment papers in that case.

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