Thursday, February 01, 2007

Irony's a Bitch 

Speaking of Hillary, the right-wing are so blind that they don't even realize she is their own creation. That's right. It wasn't the Democratic party, or the grassroots, or the "liberal" (ha-ha) media that put Senator Clinton in the position to run for president in '08.

Nope. It was the right-wing hate machine, for one simple reason. By attacking Bill Clinton's sex life so vehemently (after they could find no other skeletons in his closet), they forced his first lady to step into the spotlight. Yes, she always had political ambitions. Well, duh. But by creating the environment in which she could appear as the "wronged but noble wife", who did not immediately decide to divorce her husband but, rather, stood beside him, they themselves empowered her.

Quick -- who is Mrs. George H.W. Bush? Would you even know who Betty Ford is if she hadn't suffered a very public addiction problem? What has Mrs. Jimmy Carter done lately?

Answered that first question yet? (Trick question -- of course it's Barbara, but the focus on George W. made you forget for a second that she's his mother and not his grandmother, didn't it?)

The point is -- Hillary Clinton would have remained in the background if the right-wing hadn't dragged her front and center, kicking and screaming. Her two successful senatorial campaigns in New York were her first and second revenges. Election 2008 may well be her third.

There has never been a First Lady so placed to run for president, no matter how popular. Jackie Kennedy could probably have run in 1964 and won, but she didn't. Eleanor Roosevelt could also probably have run in 1948, except that it was a different era.

But, at any time post 1979 - when Margaret (fucking) Thatcher became the first female PM of the UK, the "female" thing should have no longer been a question regarding the American presidency (It never should have been, but... well, water under the bridgework). But, because of that, Nancy or Barbara or Laura could have been natural choices. Or Sandra Day, Ruth, or Condie. But none of them have made it that far, because none of them have been given the great leg-up; validation by persecution.

And there's no one to blame for that but those evil and bad men -- Ken Starr, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, et al.

Suck on that, cons. You are Viktor Frankenstein, and Hillary is your monster -- and our salvation.

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