Friday, February 16, 2007

Subsidizing the Stupid 

While the recent homophobic rant from a beloved sports figure is no surprise to me, I have to ask this question... what is wrong with American society that brainless dipshits whose sole talents are playing with balls get multi-million dollar salaries per year, while teachers, who are entrusted with the welfare of our children, get really shitty salaries?

In an ideal world, all professional athletes would get minimum wage, while all teachers would make tens of millions of dollars, plus endorsements.

And Tim Hardaway has provided at least one valuable service: he has expressed, in words, how worthless all professional athletes are. People, wake up. You idolize these assholes? Guess what -- they're the same people who were whipping your asses with towels in PE, snapping bras, making fun of you because, OH NO!, you managed more than a B average. In a just society, they'd be forced to wear paper hats, and to go play their little games for $5.50 an hour. Because that's all they're really worth. Or less. And it doesn't matter the sport. Football? Basketball? Baseball? Soccer? STFW. Their contribution to human society is exactly equal to this: Nil minus Infinity.

And, thinking back to high school, I can't think of anyone with a brain who didn't hate jocks with a passion. And yet, those are the same people who graduated and suddenly turned into sports fans. Thereby shoveling money to those same jocks who were so farking useless in school.

Sheeyit. It's like the nerds have decided to subsidize their own abuse.

And I just can't understand a society that spews millions into the hands of homophobic, racist, plain out stupid jocks who contribute exactly nothing to the world, while giving barely a cent to teachers, scientists, astronomers, researchers and other people with brains, who just might save us from ourselves.

If this were a just universe, here's what would happen. Tim Hardaway would be relegated to trash collector and/or porta-potty cleaner, never making more than five bucks an hour. Meanwhile, every geek who went to his school would split his former salary, and go off to research whatever important thing they were interested in.

If this were a just universe, as noted above, professional athletes would make minimum wage, while teachers would make millions.

And assholes like Tim Hardaway would be stoned to death before their ignorant statements could even make it out of their drooling, useless, dipshit mouths.

Hell yeah!

As usual, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Sports suck. Sports are to me the guidepost to who I will spend time with. If someone must watch their sports, fuck 'em, they can do it alone.
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