Friday, April 20, 2007

Back in Action 

Pardon my silence over the last few weeks, but Google gobbled up Blogger and, for reasons that their way too inadequate help system could not explain, although I jumped through all the hoops to create a Google account and etc., this blog did not immediately find its way to my account. Or, rather, the blooger account I've had for over three years was suddenly "not found".

That problem mysteriously vanished today, and I was finally able to get things going again. I can't help but think it had to do with the nasty email I sent off to someone at Google -- after using Yahoo to search for a contact, since using Google's help or search didn't turn up any answers. Hm. Wonder why that is.

It does bring up a pet peeve of mine: large companies hiding behind the internet. Now, personally, I'd much rather resolve issues online instead of dialing some 800 number and talking to "Jeff" in Bangalore, whose standard answer to any situation is to turn to page "X" in the big help book and start reading the bullet points one by one ("Is the modem plugged in?"). But, sometimes, there are situations when you need to talk to a human to fix something bizarre, and it's becoming increasingly harder to find IRL ways to get in touch with somebody who has a real answer.

That's the situation I've been going through with my ISP. For some bizarre reason, I can't FTP files to my webspace there, and the error code makes no sense. Again, useless help pages; all they tell me is what the FTP settings should be, which is what they are. Nothing about what to do when they don't work. And yes, I've gone through all the steps to determine that the problem is not on my end.

But enough consumer rant. Let's get back to the politics.

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