Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Story that Keeps Falling Apart... 

Remember those British sailors who were taken hostage by Iran some time before a madman shot up a Virginia campus? You know -- the ones who "weren't" in Iranian waters (they were), the ones who were "tortured" (they weren't), the ones who were released without fanfare by Iran?

Well, despite efforts by the British Government to spin it, the "kidnapped, held hostage and tortured" story just keeps falling apart. This article in the Daily Mail puts another nail in the coffin of the official story, despite that paper's attempts to try to make one of the British Sailors look bad. Short version: the Daily Mail is shocked, shocked that sailor
Arthur Batchelor apparently makes light of the whole hostage saga while out for an evening with friends. What they fail to note, and what should be obvious to anyone without their head up Tony Blair's arse, is that the mere fact that Batchelor can make fun of the whole thing puts the lie to the "tortured, terrorized" government line.

Far from making fun of or mocking the whole ordeal, Batchelor is revealing the truth. The British Sailors were not mistreated, merely detained. And the whole fiasco, a blatant attempt by the west to create an excuse for invading Iran, continues to blow up in their faces.

Invade Iran? Hell no. Not when we haven't finished what we started in Afghanistan, and will never finish what we shouldn't have started in Iraq. Not when the real original target should have been Saudi Arabia -- or somewhere closer to home. Not when the invasion or Iraq was predicated on nothing but lies. Not when the leader of Iran is depicted as the madman he isn't while the mainstream media here and in Britain refuses to portray the leader of the US as the madman he is.

Look at the photos in the Daily Mail article again, and ask yourself this question: "Is this the behavior of a man who was traumatized?" Clearly not. And any attempt by the British Government to claim otherwise is yet another lie on top of a lie, all designed to keep this Forever War going and going, to enrich the filthy rich warmongers to the detriment of everyone else on the planet.

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