Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This Is Who We're Afraid Of? 

Rove -- he's either a total genius or a flaming douche. Seeing as how the footage below was much publicized by the MSM, I'm wondering whether this wasn't a dodge; Rove playing the "Gosh, look at what a pathetic lamo I am, I couldn't hurt a fly..."

On the other hand... watching him dance, he just reminds me of all those clueless dweebs in school, the guys that people would not have hung out with, except that their parents were rich enough to buy the latest game system, or they had a license and a car, or they always had the best pot. And, the normal people would begrudgingly spend time with them, only to benefit from their stuff, but the second they were out of ear shot, would start telling everyone else what a hopeless waste of butt-flesh the little nerd snot really was.

His prom date? His older sister, if he went at all.

So, you tell me -- the real Karl Rove, or a clever fabrication designed to make people not take him seriously, and so leave him un-indicted?

The grand jury is still out on that one. For the moment.

But, until then -- Jesus Christ, what a farking loser...

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