Monday, June 11, 2007

You Don't Need Rope for a Lynching 

Forget Paris Hilton and the whole debate about "special treatment". She drove drunk, then violated parole, she deserves to be in jail, case closed. But never forget Genarlow Wilson, who is still being raped and railroaded by the Georgia Justice system. Perhaps, if you study his picture very carefully, you can figure out why the local DA has such a stick up his ass for keeping this 21 year-old in prison, and why the news media hasn't, isn't and won't raise as much of a stink over the whole rotten thing. Oh, poor Paris won't get to wear make-up for a month and will have to shit on a cold metal toilet. Boo-fucking-hoo.

Genarlow Wilson has been in jail for two years of a ten year sentence now. His crime? When he was 17, he got a consensual beej from a 15 year-old girl. Because of a fluke in Georgia law, this was a felony which included mandatory inclusion on the sex offender registry.

Largely due to the outcry over Genarlow's sentencing in that case, the law was overturned -- but not retroactively. The ten year sentence was a mandatory minimum.

Today, a judge in Georgia ordered the sentence reduced to a misdemeanor, with no SO registration, and everything was set for Genarlow to finally walk a free man when Thurbert Baker, the Attorney General, threw a wrench into the works by filing a notice of appeal, thereby keeping Genarlow locked up for the time being.

Like I said, I don't know what stick the AG has up his ass in this case, unless he's jealous that someone else got a hummer. The law that led to Genarlow's sentence is no more, neither the girl nor her family filed a criminal complaint, the defendant has had a promising college career as both an academic and an athlete interrupted, possibly ruined. And for what? So one man with an agenda can make an example of him? So yet another black man metaphorically swings from a tree in what is historically one of America's most racists states? Yes, it has all the earmarks of a lynching...

Which is made even less explicable by this: Meet the Attorney General, Thurbert Baker, a Democrat:

This somehow just makes this whole sad, sick miscarriage of justice even worse on so many levels. It also makes me hope that Al Sharpton will refocus his attention now that Paris is back in jail, get his ass down to Georgia, and land on a brother with both feet. I don't know what agenda Baker thinks he's following, but it serves no purpose whatsoever except to willfully torture Genarlow Wilson and his family. Baker needs to pull his head right out of his ass, lighten up and let this young man go.

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